Thursday, August 7, 2014

My renditions of national songs

One Singapore (2013)
Love at First Light (2012)
In a Heartbeat (2011)
Song for Singapore (2010)
Things so Singaporean (2009, unofficial)
What Do You See (2009)
Shine for Singapore (2008)
There's No Place I'd Rather Be (2007)
Will You (2007)
My Island Home (2006)
Reach Out for The Sky (2005)
One United People (2003)
A Place in My Heart (2003)
We Will Get There (2002)
Where I Belong (2001)
Shine On Me (2000)
Together (1999)
Home (1998)
One People, One Nation, One Singapore
We Are Singapore
Count On Me Singapore
Stand Up for Singapore
Moments of Magic
It's the Little Things
Singapore Town
Five Stars Arising
My People, My Home

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